Seven Commandments for your Coffee Shop Business


1.  Primarily good coffee.

This is why most of the coffee shops could not do well, because they do not have good coffee. When it comes to coffee lovers, they like to have strong flavor of coffee which can give a quick kick on a wonderful Sunday morning or wake them up on their way to office. When talking of places where coffee shops are limited and there is a good scope in this field, it is even more important to make coffee of the international standards and not something which is coffee powder mixed in milk or water.

2.  Ambiance and atmosphere is important.

When you’re heading to get a nice coffee store working, the atmosphere of your store plays a vital role. People are not just coming over to have coffee, instead they are coming over to – relax and just enjoy a good coffee or, read a book or, casual business meeting or, gossiping with friends, or, a quiet little date, or, just sipping coffee and just giving some thoughts, or, any other reason. There is one need which is common with everyone coming over to your coffee store; they all look for some clean, comfortable, unbothered and private time on their tables. Playing some very mild music can help which doesn’t bother them and at the same time gives them privacy stopping their voice to go too far off them.

3.  A friendly Staff can bring life even into a dying business.

People love to go to places which they recognize and where they get treated well. Greeting your customers, welcoming them with a warm smile, remembering their preferred coffee taste etc can boost the sales of a coffee shop by anything.

4.  Price it keeping your customers in mind.

It is easier to understand that higher the price lesser the customers. But keep in mind, lower the price lesser the services. If you are earning out of coffee, you need to be paying wages to your staff. Well paid employees will have better job satisfaction levels bringing good mood at work and this will reflect in their customer service. Happy employees keep your customers happy as well. Also, you would never like to get your store fall into category of being low standard or cheap. At the same time you would also not like your coffee shop to e termed as too expensive. This is what makes the pricing very important. Keep it moderate, neither too high nor too low, but good enough to sustain business, keep good customers coming back and affordable.

5.  Focus on branding.

This is critical to make your brand familiar. Sell your merchandise like coffee mugs, sippers, coffee beans, or other such material. This makes you more familiar with your own customers doing the marketing for you. But before you do this, it is important you make yourself well established in terms of your quality and class.

6.  Keep some add-on with coffee.

Putting just couple of coffees on the menu might not be a very good idea. Instead I suggest you keep couple of more stuff like salads, sandwiches, nachos or some more local + international flavors in your menu. As a customer I would like to have something to eat with my coffee, especially when I am sitting for longer duration and have fair idea a lot of other people would also love the same.

7.  Be mindful while advertising other brands in your store.

This is a very conscious decision which one to advertise and which one not to advertise. Also, it is pretty important to not overdo the advertising within your store (for example keeping a refrigerator advertised with some brand, or a big hoarding of any other brand within your store etc).

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