Google Bringing Innovation in Healthcare

Technological innovation in healthcare sector has lately begun. Cyber giant Google seems to has started spreading its arms out of the cyber area now. After moving into devices and gadgets for daily use, Google is heading towards creating its footstep in Healthcare.

Google is working constantly in IoT (Internet of Things) space and is now bringing healthcare and technology together to consumer wearables, healthcare machines and things as small as pills. Here’s what Google is doing:


  1. Blood Sugar Measuring Contact Lenses

Google has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Novartis to develop smart contact lenses which can monitor blood sugar levels. Google will be planning to use Google X developers in developing a technology front which can embed sensors within contact lenses. Novartis in collaboration will provide the necessary medical assistances.

Google Lens
Google Lens














Google reportedly has started testing their smart lenses which measures glucose level in tears using tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor that are embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material. Google seems to be working towards creating a prototype which can generate one reading per second and also gauging the potential of the prototype to generate warnings in advance to the wearer.

Though it is still in prototypes and actual product may take years to come but the idea sounds very interesting!



  1. Cancer Detecting Pills

Yes, this is another wonderful thing Google is putting its hands on. Using the Nanoparticle Platform, Google is planning on to develop a pill which when taken injects certain magnetic nanoparticles into blood.

cancer detecting pills












These nanoparticles can attach themselves to cancer related molecules and notify the connected device using magnetic properties.



  1. Robot Assisted Surgery

This time again it is Google X! The innovation centric facility of Google has been working on creating robots which can assist in surgeries. This facility has reportedly tied up with Ethicon, the medical devices company of Johnson & Johnson to develop robots that can assist in surgeries.

However, robots are still into surgeries, Google plans to develop more advanced and accessible devices for surgeons.



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