Internet of Things: How your business can benefit?

With Facebook being the latest entrant in IoT (Internet of Things), a giant has been added to the list. Prior to Facebook, Google, Apple and Samsung, to name a few, have already started working on IoT and are developing new technologies and new products.

Let us understand what this is and how this impacts everyone.


What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

It is taking the reach of internet out from your computer browsers and mobiles to the daily gadgets and appliances around you. This is digitizing everything around to connect to a common network/ internet and let users leverage the capacity of remote networking. This can be done with your Home Appliances, your kitchen, the electricity switches, your car, your wearables or just about everything.

Let’s see who is developing what?

  1. Facebook’s Parse

Facebook is the recent joiner to the list. Moving a step further from the Social Networking and Mobiles, Facebook has recently launched the Parse SDK for Internet of Things at the F8 conference. Parse currently supports Android, iOS, Windows, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Unity and Xamarin software development platforms. With the launch itself, many innovative companies have already started working on this platform.


  1. Samsung IoT Platform

Samsung has been working on managing its IoT platform to provide a solution with a developed architecture. This developed architecture eradicates the requirement to setup infrastructure for inter-device communications making this a easy to work and test playground for the developers.

This is a united solution for connectivity, data processing and storage management.


  1. Google IoT Platform

Google, refraining from giving a standalone solution, has started “Open Web of Things” program where it is inviting developers and innovators at a common platform to build solutions on an open platform.



What this means for businesses and developers?

This is a vague question. Developers can build anything from smart homes, to smarter televisions, to smart electricity controls, to smart cars, to just about anything. Businesses can work on creating connected products or a common chip which can be integrated to any product and give a smart handling to the device.




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