Start a Business: Step-by-step Guide

To start a business of your own and come out of the regular 9-5 job is a dream. But how many really get to a point where they can live it. This may be due to a lot of reasons ranging from lack of know-how to lack of funds to lack of risk appetite to luck. Some on the other hand are proficient in outlining the perfect business and executing them well. Reason behind such variance is little intriguing but that’s real life. Some just know how to get it done in the right way. I am going to tell you couple of such proven things, tips, hacks and processes that you need to know to start a business.

We will take a close look on things like how and where to look for a business idea, how and what kind of business to register in India, what all needs to be done before you can start selling in India, how to check viability of a business idea before jumping into the market, pre-launch preparations etc.

Here are couple of posts which I find really helpful and informative and can help you start a business and deal with what all is required to be done. Please note that most of these posts are updated on a regular basis to incorporate the latest happenings and changes in the processes. Also there are links to posts from outside VP network (which I found really useful and self sufficient to refer). Though these posts are updated with latest information and knowledge as frequently as possible, we do recommend getting in touch with a certified accountant and company secretary/lawyer to be well versed before proceeding.


1. How to identify your perfect business idea?

2. Finding a business idea?

3. How to test a Business Idea?

4. How to register a company in India?