This Startup is Changing the Way You Do Gardening


I recently stumbled upon a very exciting startup which is changing the way you see gardening. To some gardening may look like a time consuming, tiresome and sweaty job which requires daily care of your garden. On the other hand there are some who would total disagree with me and would love gardening. Whatever type you’re of, every gardener faces basic similar questions like:

How do i know if my plants are getting proper sunlight? How do i know what fertilizers to use for plants? Who would take care of my plants when I am out of town? And so on.. I think this startup has definitely tried to focus on these questions and bring their product Greeenopia. The level of their acceptability as a concept can be totally understood from their crowdfunding campaigns which got more than their target investment amount.


Greenopia is founded by a core team of four comprising of technologists and designers, and supported by a team of gardening experts, product designers, UX designers, seasoned entrepreneurs and managers from leading institutions like NID, NIT and IIM-Ahmedabad.


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Greenopia is developing smart gardening kit (consisting of Greenopia smart pot and a mobile app) which helps you track the growth of your plants and gives you constant updates on whats going on with your plants and their health. It also lets you water your plants even when you are not at home. I personally liked this one feature very much as this is one pain area I have faced. Being an avid traveler, I have to leave my plants at home and whenever I am back I feel pity for them. And I am sure this is one problem a lot of people would have faced sometime. Greenopia seems to be well motivated  by problems of this kind in specific. The smart gardening kit involves smart pots for plants and a mobile app to track the growth of plants.



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Coming back to the feature. Greenopia smart pot has sensors which can detect things like sunlight, electrical conductivity and moisture level of soil.With these sensors the app can sync with the data transmitted by Greenopia smart pot and tell you if the smart pot is placed in adequate sunlight, the pH of soil: you would not want your soil to be too acidic and what is the right time for giving your plant some water and what is right amount of  water.

If that’s not enough and your plants are still not doing good, don’t worry about it. The app has a community support to ask questions and the app also learns from other users to give you relevant and specific solutions for your Greenopia smart pot.

Now whats even more exciting to know about Greenopia is that if you do not wish to replace your existing plant pots with Greenopia pots but still want to use smart pots, Greenopia can help you with that as well.


I think overall this entire idea is too niche` and wonderfully beautiful in itself. It can help people with their kitchen garden and also one step towards Internet of Things (IOT) in farming and gardening. With such products coming up in market and getting more sophisticated, we may see a future where farming gets controlled by the swipe of a mobile. Internet of Things you see!



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