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Dexter’s Laboratory is something most of us would have watched once in life. The small geek would have his own laboratory setup at home and would create some of the most mind boggling pieces of work.

Ever wondered how would it be to have your own personal laboratory? Well, now you can have with LabInApp, a mobile application providing you a virtual laboratory.

It was just couple of days back when I was looking around as my usual hunt for exciting new businesses and came across this business. I was totally amazed by the idea of this business and also their app which has a butter smooth interface and gives you wings to experiment.

Labinapp was founded by four techies from BVB Engineering College Hubli, Karnataka in 2012.founders-labinapp

Pawan Shinde (CEO), Girish Shirigannavar (CTO), Pramod Ramdurg (Multimedia Head) and Vinayak Hulabutti (CMO), founders of Labinapp realized that hands-on exercises peaked interest in a subject while the same subject without hands on exercises reduces interest and made it monotonous. This finding coupled by the fact that not all educational institutions have infrastructure to support laboratories led them to found Labinapp, a solution that would provide virtual laboratories to students and increase their interest in the subject. Founders also were derived by the fact that conducting experiment in real environment could have hazardous implications in real world which could be avoided in a virtual environment. With all these reasons in mind, Labinapp was founded.


LabInApp is working towards redefining science using 3D virtual laboratory to enable teachers and students experiment science through computer graphics. The app enables teachers to deliver demonstration of experiments/ concepts/ phenomenon/ complex ideas in a virtual and controlled environment.

Currently LabInApp is developed for secondary and high school students of CBSE/ICSE boards in India. LabInApp is currently targeting Indian market which has huge number of schools infrastructure to support laboratory. The company is currently working on a market of $20 million which is expected to grow at a great rate in times to come.

LabInApp has received at seed capital of Rs. 60 lakh ($ 94,000)  from Unitus Seed Funds along with Sylvant Advisors.

In a nutshell, I believe it is definitely a path-breaking and innovative product which can make a huge difference in the way our education system works and would help students become more focused towards experiment based learning of concepts rather than cramming. Way to go!

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