Rise of Social Commerce : Wooplr !


From ecommerce, paradigm is now shifting towards social commerce now.

Working in the technology centric environment of McAfee, four colleagues decided to take a shift and jump to start their own venture, Wooplr! The idea was new and energetic. They just wanted to create a discovery application to find and share fashion.  From there they created something which not just shared fashion but also let people socialize on finding it for themselves. That was an idea of socializing commerce. At a time when ecommerce was the booming big industry, these four people, realized, no matter how much you shop online but it still accounts for a very small chunk of the retail industry which is brick-and-mortar.

This quadro was: Arjun Zacharia, Praveen Rajaretnam, Soumen Sarkar and Ankit Sabharwal and they were working on creating Wooplr!


For those who are not aware of what Wooplr is, it is a socializing channel where you share images of what you purchased and from where you purchased. Launched in March 2013, Wooplr ran a beta run for six months where users created all the initial data for Wooplr. The application now has active and dedicated community of users who are passionate about fashion and are shopaholics. To make it more exciting, Wooplr is said to have received somewhere around $2,25,000 in Seed funding and has recently received $5 Million in a Series A funding round from Helion Ventures.


wooplr app


Woopler as a platform, uses the location, interests and social circles of a user to generate a shopping list for the user which is refined as per user. All you see is lot of photographs related to things you can shop. As you log in, you see a lot of fashionable trends, latest and hot purchases as images which you can “Love”. Yes, “Love” is the term they use for liking it. If you love it to the extent of purchasing it, you can ask for the location of your loved thing.


wooplr tastemakers



If that is not enough, you can follow tastemakers. Tastemakers are influencers within people who set some trends across this platform.


Whats so good about it?

– Socialize with it. In a time when social networking is the big thing, this app lets you socialize with your interest for fashion.

– Share Images and View Images. You can share your images of something amazing that you found walking in a store or check out what someone else found. This is like image sharing of Pinterest or Instagram but doing a different job altogether.

– Find Suggestions based on your Interests. The application provides you shopping suggestions based on your location and interests.

– Its Intuitive, visual and appealing. The application, with its image filled interface is visually appealing and intuitive in its algorithm.

– Its welcoming for local retail stores. With ecommerce becoming biggest competitor, this channel has come up as a friend to the local retail stores where local shops can get required word-of-mouth publicity.


Wooplr has certainly created a community of fashion enthusiasts who’d share what they found and buy what others found in their areas.


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