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In the hustle of the cosmopolitan city Delhi, there is a ‘Sanyasi’ who is working to make meditation easy and comfortable for beginners.

Meet Sundeep Sethia, a pass-out from  Pearl Academy of Fashion and NIFT Delhi, who worked in Fashion Garment industry for ten years before moving out of it and starting his own fashion garment company.


For all these years Sundeep was also looking for his spiritual journey to start which finally started in the year 2000 when he got initiated with Osho. Since then Sundeep got a new name “Swami Dhyan Unmesh“.

In the year 2011, with Swar Apparels (Unmesh’s Company) hit by a major setback, Unmesh was forced to look for a new venture. This time he allowed his heart to direct him which took him nowhere other than searching an opportunity in Meditation Facilitation. Unmesh looked no further and started developing meditation chairs under the brand of “Friends of Meditation (FOM)“.

Unmesh already knew about meditation chairs but was not sure about commercial viability but still wanted to do something to help co meditators. During his early days of meditation he faced difficulty in sitting in still posture. Unmesh ordered products from across the world finding it below his expectations. Unmesh would modify these products according to his own needs to use them. This gave him the idea to create meditation chairs based on his experience of using them.

Unmesh did a thorough research on the problems other fellow seekers face like pain in back, sleeping legs or numbness, hardened ankles on sitting on floor and problems elderly people face with their decreasing stamina to sit for longer duration. He discussed all these problems with other meditators and doctors and created his first product line of backrests to enable comfortable postures. Later Friends of Meditation(FOM) started creation meditation chairs and meditation clothes as well.


Friends of Meditation



Starting with Meditation Chairs, FOM now produces everything from meditation clothes to cushions to furniture.

Meditation clothes are designed to take care of the comfort of the meditator. Furniture (specifically chairs) is designed to keep the body still not only on the ground but also on office chairs.


Rama Chair
Rama Chair

Buddha Bliss

Buddha Bliss



Swami Unmesh, apart from being a certified Meditation Facilitator from Osho International Pune also has a formal education in Astrology and Palmistry He also offers Meditation Counseling to people who are new to meditation.


Journey So Far

In the words of founder Swami Dhyan Unmesh, “The journey has been exciting, satisfying and very fruitful. It gives a lot of satisfaction when we see people coming from far off places to just buy our products. Also when people from across the globe are ordering products which are specific to a niche, it tells you that there is a feel-good factor about your products.”

Currently FOM operates its business online and offline. Offline selling is mostly wholesale orders while online are majorly retail ones. FOM currently operates online orders through their own website ( and other channels like Flipkart, Amazon, ebay and Snapdeal in India.

In four years from its inception, FOM has grown six times in terms of revenue and turnovers, which itself shows the immense potential of the sector and niche in which they work.


Future Plans

Friends of Meditation (the brand name under Swar Apparels) is looking for a franchisee model to increase their business presence. Also, looking at the tremendous growth ecommerce has provided to Friends of Meditation, this is a channel where FOM would focus in coming years. Swami Dhyan Unmesh adds here, “There are two major segments of people which we will start to focus in next few years other than the ecommerce and franchisee model. Those segments being international market and spiritual tourists”. 


Business Mantra

When Swami Dhyan Unmesh is asked for his business mantra, he has a very polite answer to say. “Do your best and leave the rest to existence. Any business becomes interesting if you enjoy the process of doing it rather than focusing too much on results“.

Well said Unmesh!


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