6 Super Hacks on How to Get Job Security?


Job security is fairly relative, while some advocate jobs with government for being secure, others defend going for jobs that pay you well but might not be too secure in nature. Both parties have their own justifications for their choices but if you are in a job which is not completely secure and isolated from market conditions, you’d definitely have asked yourself, how to get job security?

Before I go ahead, let me tell you there is NO formula to guarantee security in any case. But yes, what is to come will definitely give you some hacks and changes you can make in your day to day life to be sure on how to get job security in your current job.

First question is why do we need job security? We might keep talking a lot about job security or safe job options or joining a government job for job security, but at the end what we are looking for is financial security and not job security. We all in one way or other try to be financially secure, job is just a way to ensure regular paychecks. So this brings up the first important aspect which is to attain financial stability or rather financial independence. To be financially independent I believe it is important to understand that it cannot be attained from regular paychecks as they will stop coming once you retire. You’ve got to have an enterprise which pays you off for rest of your life after retirement. You may keep doing your day job and start a secondary stream of cash flow to your account to give you more confidence and financially stability.


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Now since you’re reading this article I believe you’re still in a job or have been in a job sometime. As an employer I would like my employees to be proactive and take ownership of their own work. I would like to hire intrapreneurs rather than people who would blindly follow what I say. I see most of the businesses failing to perform because correct set of employees are not present. Being an employee if you’re seeking job security, you need to understand this mindset. You need to ask yourself, Do I make a list of things I need to do on a day before I reach office? Do I wait for my manager to give me some work or do I generate work and ask for it proactively? The answers to these questions would tell you how proactive you are in your job. And how being proactive at work helps? More proactive means more engagement and excitement in job, thereby making you more accountable for things you do and hence giving you a better visibility in your job.

To bring my next point I have a question for you. Do you remember the last time you fell in love with someone? I’m sure everyone has at some point in life. Now try to remember the efforts you put in to impress the girl of your choice. You would think about your love day and night, you’d give some nice and pretty gifts, you’d go on long drive and dates. And even after putting in so many efforts you’d not feel tired of it and feel frustrated. Same is the case with your job. You need to have this love with your work. The more you love, the better it gets. If you love what you do, you are bound to get best at it. No matter what, in this case your manager and employer would realize your importance, which will make you critical.


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With all this a positive mindset is very required. I am sure all of us must have read couple of books on positive thinking and how to influence. If you are still new to it you can try reading Dale Carnegie or Zig Ziglar. Positive mindset is going to give you eyes and mind to see and think at critical times. And the decisions that you take on critical moments decide how important you are to the organization.

Even if you have all of the above said qualities and are still don’t know what your talent is, you’re in a mess dear! To be it is important to identify your talents. Yes, I just wrote “to be”. If you just want to be anywhere in your career you’ve got to first identify what you are capable of. Are you asking yourself “how to know my talents”? In this case you should ask yourself what you’re good at. Ask the same question from your friends and family or keep a close eye on your hobbies and interests to find out your talent. Once you know what you are good at you’re ready to rock the show!


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I believe there is no mantra to promise anything but if you possess these qualities, you have no reason to be worried on how to get job security.

Oh by the way, I am assuming you’re not lazy. Are you? There is a very old indian saying which means, “What you plan to do tomorrow, do that today. What you plan to do today, do that now.” It goes very well. The last pointer I have is if you want to do something, NOW is the time to do it. Don’t leave things on future or else you’ll either forget or lose interest or even lose the complete direction you had while planning it.


Getting job security is not important but what’s even more important is secure your ability to always be in a state of earning.


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