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Businesses are now moving to mobile apps. Thanks to the great reach of the mobile internet and revolution in smartphones which has opened a whole new door of customer interaction to businesses.  From books to shopping and from surfing to business, everything is going mobile, its going the App way!

I was looking around couple of e-commerce website some days back when I realized they are forcing users to their apps to purchase if the website is opened on a mobile device. I also came across some more businesses which are mobile only. This shows how big as a platform mobile is.

Talking of some big shots, whatsapp started as a mobile only chat platform when a lot of other chats were available but with a not-so-good mobile interface, majorly focused on their web based interfaces. Being on mobile gave whatsapp an edge over others by the reach it could have. Similar advantage is taken by many other businesses like taxi bookings ( Meru, Ola, Uber etc), all of them focused on pushing the apps across the users or the e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Myntra etc again pushing very hard to get their users on the apps. While most of the big boys are using the apps, the babies in the pond are also not far away. Most businesses are launching with an app now and are focused on sliding into their customers pocket.


Let’s see why this Appiness brings so much happiness around.


1. Reach into customer’s hands.

Technology and reduced prices of smart phones have brought it in the pockets of everyone. Now businesses can reach customers better and effectively any time of the day and promotions are easier to conduct.


2. Push notifications.

Even when the application is not being used you can be sure that any new update you launch on the app would get viewed by the customers with the push feature.


3. Behavioural responsiveness.

With apps using more of customers details and location, it is easier to understand customer preferences and show results based on those preferences.


4. Increased comfort.

It is said customers should be pampered. With all of your business features on app, you can give more comfort to the customer by not forcing the customer to open the laptop. For ecommerce or businesses involving more customer innervation interaction this is even more important.


5. More sharing.

With mobile the sharing options increase beyond just internet to chats. Also with all social channels on mobile app now it is a one click share job.


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Mudit Khandelwal is the founder and Chief Columnist at Venturepapa. He is an Electronics Engineer by education and has worked in multiple organizations with various businesses (small or Fortune 500). Always willing to be an entrepreneur, he started his entrepreneurial journey with an ecommerce website, later moving to software consulting and blogging (which happens to be his old time passion as well). Mudit is an avid traveller and you can find him going on nature trails very often.
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