Five Arsenal Management Tricks to Create a Winning Team


Arsenal, England’s popular soccer club, can teach you a lot about creating a winning team at your business. Here are top five Arsenal management tricks which can help your business.


1. Let your team focus on their individual strengths.

Develop a team of complementing members. If you closely monitor Arsenal or any other soccer club’s team, you’d find that players tend to complement each other in terms of their expertise and roles. Using this in your team can help you create a team which is complementing and have members which act as their respective subject matter experts. This is far better than having a team of folks who are confused within what they know well and what they do not know at all.


2. Define specific roles for each player.

Major soccer clubs have defined roles for each player, so that player keeps focusing on his roles and perform his best on the big day. Similarly, you should focus on creating a team where roles of each individual is defined. Blurred mapping of roles to a user can result in a directionless team.


3. Embed team building exercises and develop a mutual harmony within the team.

This can be very well understood from the way players of Arsenal or any other big club gel with each other. Closely bound teams have a tendency to deliver greater returns and have lesser conflicts. Moreover, members of such team have a natural tendency to help each other and share knowledge and expertise with each other.


4. Adapt to changing environments.

Throughout the season a team keeps on learning from competing teams and keeps changing their strategies based on their opponents. Soccer team managers keep multiple strategies and keeps switching them whenever required. This can be applied within your business as well. Keep multiple strategies in scope while going for any project and keep your team ready with those strategies and its execution.


5. Slow down.

Soccer team managers first adapt themselves to the team and its game style than changing it to their flavors. This is definitely a good approach in any business as well. As a new manager, it is extremely important to tune yourself to your team and its working style. Trying to change it upfront as per your flavors might result in disharmony within the team and can hamper your relations with your team forever. Giving yourself some time is the key.



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