From Meetings to Collaborative Workshops

Time is very important and nobody wants to waste it in unfruitful and boring meetings. Worse than that, people would refrain from coming in similar meetings in future as well making it even more difficult to engage people in contributing.

Let us understand what the generic purposes of meetings are.

  1. Discuss any new idea/approach/design/Strategies.
  2. Review any updates or work that has been done.
  3. Creating a common platform to develop something for the business.
  4. Meetings with clients to demonstrate your product/services.


What makes a meeting unfruitful?

Meetings become boring and unfruitful, if there is lesser engagement of audiences. Engagement can be in terms of:

  1. Single speaker: If your meeting is a one-to-many communication, it is going to get boring for the attendees. A lot of information outflow in a meeting is be distracting and boring for people.
  2. Unfruitful discussion topic: If most of the people in your meeting think that the subject being discussed is not worthy of devoting time and effort, it may turn out to be unfruitful.
  3. Audience unaware of the agenda itself of the meeting: If people attending the meeting are not aware of the agenda of the meeting beforehand, they are less likely to contribute or give thoughtful inputs.
  4. Non-collaborative audiences: If people in your meeting are not contributing or engaging, it is going towards a unfruitful closure.


What could be done?

Start organizing workshops rather than meetings. Workshops turn out to bring some positive outcomes in terms of suggestions and engagement of the attendees. When in a workshop, there is no speaker/organizer; rather it becomes a group of people working towards achieving a common output. This makes such gatherings more productive in nature. Also, notify people attending such workshops about the subject to be worked on beforehand. This would have everyone do some groundwork on the subject before coming over to the program.

It has been commonly seen that more exercises you involve in a workshop, more productive it gets.

Replacing such boring meetings with collaborative workshops is a better approach to get higher productivity and results out of it.



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