Why Ridesharing Can Never Replace Private Car Ownership


Ridesharing seems to be the new trend. Lot of new startups are coming in front to give their own styled solutions for facilitating ride sharing. There have been a lot of discussions and talks about this new culture replacing owned cars and people moving completely to shared cars and taxis. But is this really something which will happen? Would people leave owning cars and rely completely on these platforms for their regular commute?

Ridesharing is good for many reasons like cost saving, doing good to environment, social networking but at the same time it has some inherent threats. Here are three threats to ridesharing which need critical attention if this business is to survive.

1. Joy of driving

For many driving is fun. It is not just about commuting but is more about enjoying the ride. Putting hands on wheels and stretching their engine is a hobby and fun for a lot of people. For all such people, replacing their private car by ridesharing is never an option. Ridesharing can be done for some days but driving solo on highway is something they would definitely not like replacing.


2. Control over time and flexibility over route

With your own ride, you have control over when you want to start from your place, which route you want to take and if you want to halt within your route at some place. When you are in a shared car, you just cannot do this. This would mean you would not be able to go to your favorite coffee shop while coming back from office or check out your friends place.


3. Safety Concerns

With ridesharing safety is prime concern. You never know if your ride is going to turn into a nightmare or it is going to give you a good network of friends. It is like a blind date. Are you comfortable enough going solo on a blind date? You have the answer. With growing number of criminal and assault cases, checking the authenticity of drivers and relying on group of people traveling with you would be a challenge.

What are your views on it?



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